Mid-century modern inspiration in the living room: IKEA Ottil and Johanne cushion covers and Arne Jacobsen patterns - Vertigo/Centennium Circler and Trapez


A little over a year ago, we bought a charming 1952 time capsule of a house. In the year that followed we spent most of our dollars on replacing electrical wiring, plumbing, and improving energy efficiency. However much we wanted to fill the place with authentic (and expensive!) mid-century modern furniture, we had to wait. 

On one of the many IKEA trips I made to furnish the house on a budget, I was playing with the idea of finding pieces inspired by famous mid-century modern designs. Quite surprisingly, I found a lot!

Below are my five picks for the living room. While we’re dreaming of acquiring authentic mid-century treasures one day, these affordable IKEA pieces* can meanwhile help create a period-appropriate feel in our house. 

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